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Palazzo Cisterna

Palazzo Cisterna is the venue chosen by Operæ for the 2016 edition.... read


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From the 3rd to the 6th of November, Operæ gathers together professionals, companies, galleries, distributors, schools,…


Operæ 2016: be brave!

Within the characteristic historical setting of Palazzo Cisterna, Operæ gets ready to set up its seventh…


Operæ 2015: An edition in the sign of quality, research and innovation

A lot of news presented during the 2015 edition, all well received. First, the curator Angela Rui. As…



Stories and places
from Torino

#bumbunin as sweet box in Piedmontese dialect, in other terms, a section that brings to light buildings, shops, events, characters to tell what Torino means for design.

A view over the garden: what the Biotechnolog...

In Turin, in the typical ancient district of San Salvario, along the railroad bo…

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CAMERA– New Eyes To Look At Photography

How many photos do we take every day? How long does the look that we lay on a ph…

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Print Club – Share to create

What turns an idea into reality? Space, support, tools and sharing. There is a p…

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