Operæ selects designers and contemporary design galleries to witness the emergence of a new vision on design made of research skills, processes and pathways that look to the original and primitive meaning of the project. This trend is not set in the field of industrial design or art, though it outlines an attempt to rewrite the aesthetic and ethic code of design.

Operæ exhibitors own a cross-cultural competence that arises from the encounter with craftsmen, the research for materials, the recovery of ancient traditions, the integration of digital processes. The results of this mix are hybrid and unexpected objects that act as sparks that enliven the market and that enter the world of collecting via the contemporary design galleries’ ideal showcases.

The richness of these proposals animates also the manufacturing sector that is more and more interested to convey emergent phenomena and complementary production models. Operæ supports this trend by scheduling an agenda of B2B meetings to promote partnerships between designers and Italian and international companies.

In this context, Operæ is an incubator of ideas that enables designers and galleries to emerge, share, receive recognition of their research and creativity, and finally accelerate their own growth path.

For them, Operæ is an opportunity to showcase ideas, products and innovations to an international audience, but also to sell directly to visitors, create synergies with other players in the market, increase their network of contacts, and get in touch with companies.