Born in 2014 from the close collaboration with the Piedmont Region, the project PHM | Piemonte Handmade has grown over the years and gradually expanded its outreach, by emphasising the direction that Operæ recognises to crafts and enhancing a specific attention to the territorial identity on one side, and the collectible design on the other.

The expression of this interest is reflected in the combination of the two-world subjects, the craftsman and the designer, different for narrative universe and design codes, but that find support in the gallerist’s keen vision. This dialogue originates a refined high-quality production in unique pieces or limited editions, which become collectors’ desiderata thanks to the action of the selected contemporary design galleries.

From the contact amongst these worlds it emerges the vivid, varied and sophisticated picture of the solid and excellent regional artisanship, able to build a dialogue with contemporary projects, crossing the borders of its habits towards unpublished products that carry deeply rooted personal, professional, territorial stories.