20 artisans from different areas of Piedmont, 20 witnesses of the excellence of the territory, 20 stories. The project Piemonte Handmade 2014, the year of its debut, has focused on faces, objects, locations, tools, to give a close look on the lives of artisans.

The exhibition, held in the days of the fifth edition of the festival, is the result of a research carried out by Operæ in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin, started by mapping the territory and aimed at selecting the representative subjects of Piedmont craftsmanship quality.

Through the showcased portraits, the audience had the opportunity to meet the person surrounded by his tools, within his working space, with the aim of describing the typical atmosphere of the places where high craftsmanship is produced.

The hands of the artisans, their eyes, thus become elements of a story that started from the direct experience and learning of a family or workshop tradition, and then comes to tell refined skills of production, fertile soil to welcome of contemporary design inspirations.

Piemonte Handmade 2014 is a project of Department of Production Activities of the Piedmont Region, produced and curated by Bold, with the scientific curatorship of the Design and Architecture Department of the Polytechnic of Turin.