Animal Spirits presents at Operæ a preview of its new design line: Aphrodisia.

Animal Spirits is an art-based brand that produces and divulges tools, services and experiences for the political animal, offering the instruments with which citizens can become more active and aware of their own power and position themselves consciously in the public zone.

Born in 2013 as an artistic project of Mali Weil within the Centrale Fies Art Work Space in Trentino Alto-Adige, from 2016 has been supported by Compagnia di San Paolo as part as Ora! Linguaggi contemporanei_Produzioni innovative, and has started a new phase in Torino.

The new line Aphrodisia presents 3 fragments of a narrative of the development of the individual, of a certain erotic intensity. 3 objects, 3 spaces, 3 rituals that belong to the home, becoming an occasion in which to intensify friendships, explode new visions through which the political imagination becomes an erotic act. Transforming the domestic setting into a gymnasium – being at the same time a training place physically and philosophically – is the objective of the line: intensity, beauty and narrative integrate each other in order to prepare and encourage the animal spirit into action.

Aphrodisia is also a process: conceived in a way of a performance in order to precede the creation of the design object, to then continue with its exhibition in the fair, with the aim to activate a real process of “erotisation” of the individual’s political imagination. The concept of Aphrodisia has been articulated in the space of a year, across different formats and various design projects: from the workshops for designers and students of city academies within Circolo del Design, through the production and circulation of visuals and narrative in collaboration with IED Torino and Overground, the talks at a C2C Symposium and the opening of a temporary office at Torino Graphic Days, to the final stage of a production of design.

The creation of the objects will then relay in a production chain that sees the collaboration between young designers (including the collective Materia Critica and the jewelry designer Matteo Bagna), creatives (cosmetologist Luigi Miori) and Turinese artisans a network composed of many cultural protagonists of the city.

Within the frame of Operæ, the exhibition will be completed with Erotic is the New Politic, a related performance intended for 2 people: a ritual experience to initiate one’s own animal spirit into the erotics of the action.