Dreamers explores independent and research fashion, with a fresh path that merges exhibition, sale and knowledge experiences.

Fashion designers, entrepreneurs, journalists, critics, economists are the main characters of Dreamers. Pragmatic dreamers that imagine, make, think and renew fashion.

In a landscape inhabited by clothes and accessories, visions and projects carrying new productive, economic and narrative values, Dreamers introduces the audience into the tale of fashion and its languages, between disciplinary contaminations, new technologies, traditions and experimentation, alongside a fair show – featuring a selection of the new independent scene talents – to talk, workshops and special projects.

The 2nd edition of Dreamers opens up a reflection upon the dynamic relationship between memory and the future. Forms of expression that visualize the future by interacting with the fluid universe of time. Images, materials and atmospheres bring a vision through the creation of a multidisciplinary imaginary of garments and projects suspended between past and a possible next reality: Future Memories.