Operæ hosts the exhibition Franco Grignani – La complessità del segno elementare, one of the fourteen exhibition itineraries created for the 2017 edition of Torino Graphic Days to narrate the past and present of graphics.

La complessità del segno elementare, translated as The complexity of the elementary sign, curated by Manuela Grignani Sirtoli, Fabio Guida and Serena Sacchero, is a circular itinerary that describes de production of the entire life time of Franco Grignani.

Often remembered for the Woolmark’s logo, Grignani has been one of the most prolific and important Italian designers of the XXth Century, but he was also an architect, an artist, a scientist, a photographer, an experimenter and a writer.

Rhythm, tension, vibration and mathematical harmony. Franco Grignani knew how to unite all of those and more, in a limitless production that in fact did not stop at the creation of logos, but crossed with advertising, photographic experimentation and art direction. His clients include some of the most important companies of the XXth Century: Pirelli, Olivetti, La Rinascente, Domus, Roche Dompé Pharmaceutical and Alfieri & Lacroix. The results are a timeless body of work, a design interpreted from the most positive meaning of the term: Avant-garde.

Thanks to the collaboration between Torino Graphic Days and Sublitex, a company part of the Gruppo Miroglio, the fertile production of Grignani is ennobled in this exhibition by showing his works printed in textiles, and it is represented, moreover, through books, covers and historical background of the professional career of one of the greatest icons of graphic design.