International Freight Companies


Choosing an International Freight Forwarder

Any firm that imports or exports commodities regularly must choose a freight forwarder. No firm likes late, lost, or damaged shipments. Only a certified freight shipping company can meet your shipping needs. Whether your firm is just starting out, expanding into a new industry, or looking for new freight forwarders, there are some questions you must answer.

First, inquire if they can manage the shipping load. If the freight forwarder is small, it may only be able to handle a certain number of shipments each month, which might hurt your business. Find an international freight shipper who can handle your packages.

Find out how long potential international freight forwarders have been in business. Newer international freight forwarders won’t have as many agents, shipping businesses, and other relationships to coordinate shipments. An experienced freight shipping company will have a large network of employees they can depend on to dispatch and deliver your cargo on time.

If the international freight forwarders on your list offer brokerage services, you won’t need to hire a separate customs broker. Hiring an international freight forwarding agency that specializes in your type of goods is also a good idea. They will know what obstacles your shipment may face and how to handle them.

Do you trust your freight forwarder’s agent? Can you reach your account’s manager? If not, seek a substitute agent; if they can’t, go elsewhere. Because freight forwarding is so important, you must feel comfortable and speak with your account manager. Take your business somewhere until you can talk freely and feel heard.

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